Segments Issue 1

Segments came out today!   Click here to take a look at the announcement and read the posts.    Segments is the r/conlangs journal where we publish submissions from conlangers in the community. Thanks especially to Slorany and Lysimachiakis for their hard work on this!   Since I’m on the team who’s working on it,… Continue reading Segments Issue 1

Quirky Subjects in Lahpet

Quirky subject is a term used to refer to phrases that are subjects of verbs, but don’t take the normal case marking associated with subjects. They’re common with subjects whose roles aren’t 100% canonical agent-of-transitive-verb roles, things like experiencers or accidental actors.    Lahpet verb arguments aren’t case-marked and subject and object can move pretty… Continue reading Quirky Subjects in Lahpet