Ayo ho! Hello there! 

I made this language as my entry for the 2021 Speedlang Challenge. I don’t have a permanent name for it, so I’ve nicknamed it Lahpet after the Burmese word for tea. I’ve used drinks as codenames for languages before, and I very much had Burmese on the brain when I was starting it.

As part of the speedlang challenge, Lahpet had to have asymmetrical negation, insubordination, marked indefinites, some weird suprasegmentals, length contrast, and no contrasting glides. Now that the challenge is over I’ve given in to my urge to split /j w/ but I’ve otherwise kept the requirements.

Lahpet also has another goal: to be a personal language for me to journal in. Mwaneḷe is the only of my conlangs that I speak at all at this point, but its setting doesn’t lend itself well to journaling about my life, and I’m reluctant to add the anachronism’s I’d need. To keep myself from getting bogged down in a similar way, I decided from the get-go that Lahpet would be made to talk about my own world.

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Where can I find Lahpet?

Quirky Subjects in Lahpet

Mar 20, 2021

Quirky subject is a term used to refer to phrases that are subjects of verbs, but don’t take the normal case marking associated with subjects. They’re common with subjects whose roles aren’t 100% canonical agent-of-transitive-verb roles, things like experiencers or accidental actors.    Lahpet verb arguments aren’t case-marked and subject and object can move pretty… Continue reading Quirky Subjects in Lahpet

We ole, kwuŋo!

Mar 17, 2021

We, we, we…de ṭem tetasi. De pikiḷe xi litakwu de tesi, ŋe…de pakwuje eḍimwu gwon Mwaneḷe. Ŋewo lo. 

Umban na karekalle! Thanks for reading!