!سلام Hello! 

I started Kuchean as my entry to the Fall 2020 Speedlang Challenge, but didn’t finish it in time to submit. I wrote up what I had and used it in a relay, which is the documentation I have below.

Kuchean is an a posteriori language set in Central and East Asia. It’s the only a posteriori I’ve ever properly worked on, and I enjoyed it enough to keep going, but it’s a bit dormant for now.


Check out below for more Kuchean Content!

Where can I find Kuchean?

We ole, kwuŋo!

Mar 17, 2021

We, we, we…de ṭem tetasi. De pikiḷe xi litakwu de tesi, ŋe…de pakwuje eḍimwu gwon Mwaneḷe. Ŋewo lo. 

!شکرا یمکو Thanks!