Tamè ye Kasolu! Hello! 

I made Anroo as my entry to the Fall 2019 Speedlang Challenge and developed it further during Lexember 2019, with a focus on ideophones.

Anroo is set close to Mwaneḷe, so the languages have a lot of loanwords and some shared sprachbund features like SVCs and small pronoun systems. The main thing I’m thinking about in Anroo lately is the voice and extraction morphology.

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Where can I find Anroo?

We ole, kwuŋo!

Mar 17, 2021

We, we, we…de ṭem tetasi. De pikiḷe xi litakwu de tesi, ŋe…de pakwuje eḍimwu gwon Mwaneḷe. Ŋewo lo. 

Karekare m ntee-kii! Thanks for reading!