Segments Issue 1

Segments came out today!


Click here to take a look at the announcement and read the posts. 


Segments is the r/conlangs journal where we publish submissions from conlangers in the community. Thanks especially to Slorany and Lysimachiakis for their hard work on this!


Since I’m on the team who’s working on it, I read every single article as part of the proofing process, and let me tell you, there’s a lot of great stuff in there! I particularly recommend article 10 on Akiatu Prosody, article 15 on the bani-bauni merger (silly northerners…), article 27 on some in-world historical linguistics of Proto-Emaic, and article 28 on Tonogenesis in Fásriyya. (Also articles 01, 03, 14, 22, 24, okay just read the whole thing!) 


I wrote article 02 on Mwaneḷe Phonology in which I gave an intro to Mwaneḷe phono and talked about a couple theoretical models I used to describe it. I also submitted challenge submission 06 on a speedlang I made on a livestream specifically for the challenge.


Check it out! And order a print copy when they come out, so I can make a penny or two of royalties.

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