Who am I?

I’m Miacomet, Mia for short, also known by my Reddit handle roipoiboy. He/him or they/them both fine. I live in New York. I’m not gonna put a real picture of myself here, but on the right there’s a pretty good drawing of me by my friend Manti. The text says Forever in his conlang.

I started making languages when I was a kid. I still have some notebooks from when I was in middle school and a document of a conlanging project I made in high school. I came back to the hobby in Fall 2018, and became part of the online community during Lexember 2018, when I started working on Mwaneḷe. 

Now I’m active on r/conlangs, which I moderate, and a few other conlanging Discord servers. I’m also a member of the Language Creation Society, hence this snazzy website. 


Contact Me

I’m all over the place:







I’m open for commissions! If you’re interested in commissioning conlang work from me, reach out and let’s chat. As an LCS member, I’ll base pricing off the LCS rates.

I’m a native English speaker, so that’s preferred, but I’ll do my best to respond if you reach out in French, Portuguese, Spanish or German.